Tax Audits

Although IRS tax audits are the most common tax audits, synonymous with the term tax audit, there are actually many other types of tax audits. Every type of tax audit carries with it unique characteristics and a special set of requirements. Audits can be as simple as correspondence audits, where you respond back to questions or send back required backup documentation to a tax authority by mail/email or as complicated as requiring an appearance in the office and being prepared for a field audit.

Some of the most common audits include:

  • IRS Audits
  • State Audits
  • Sales Tax Audit
  • Federal Employment Tax Audit
  • State Employment Tax Audit

When you come to us for help with your audit, you can expect us to be with you every step of the way. We use a simple and transparent process, meant to put things in perspective for you. Unlike othe tax firms that use fear tactics to get you to hire them, we present you with the facts and suggest the best course of action to manage the situation.

Our process consists of 3 easy steps

  1. Review letters and correspondence
  2. Analyze and present possible solutions
  3. Deal with the auditing tax authority on your behalf and execute the best solutions

If you have received a letter from any tax authority and aren’t sure where to start, please give us the opportunity to help you. We will review the letter, explain the situation clearly and present you with the best course of action.

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